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Be patient since blockchain speeds can impact this, try and refresh or navigate to other screens in the app and see whether they get reflecte.

Disable ‘Portrait Orientation’ on your device.

GAS fees is what you pay to finalise transactions on the blockchain, paid in the native token of the chain. Since Planet League runs on Harmony, the token ONE is used to pay for Gas.

If you are to run out, your first option is to follow any of Planet League’s social media channels and make us a request through there, sharing your Planet League username and wallet address (only wallet address; do NOT share your private key with anyone!). If you run out again, have a look at options on different centralised exchanges where you can buy - remember, Harmony is inexpensive and you will not need many to play. This reddit post lists several exchanges that you can consider.

We will be communicating details of the centralised exchange shortly where our PLS tokens will be initially listed and can be transacted on. When our PLS listing is announced, details on swapping your PLX for PLS will be announced.

Planet League Stars, or PLS, is the HCR20 token that you will soon be able to swap your PLX tokens for, and will be the primary utility token used across the Planet League ecosystem. Due to the market conditions in 2022, this token is deferred for later in the year or early 2023.

That is absolutely up to you! Our recommendation though would be to hold on to them and use them to play and compete in our league to win rewards! We will also be introducing NFT's, merchandise and more games as the year goes on, so you might want to keep your stash intact to spend on some that! You can also retain your PLS as an investment, or hold on to it forever knowing that you helped set up something awesome!

Taxation laws on crypto vary significantly in each country and require specific expertise and inputs that we are working on collecting. PLS holders are encouraged to obtain independent tax advice.

We anticipate that it could take us around 6-9 months for our tokens to be listed on a centralised exchange. We will frequently communicate any updates on this over social media. We are currently unsure which exchange this will be on.

While the initial integration with wallets will only allow gameplay with PLX tokens, the platform will eventually support gameplay using any token and even fiat currencies using credit cards and other online payment means. Updates will be shared to the community once available.

Our focus in 2022 is to target sports genres for our league as we believe that this is a big vacuum in eSports currently. From a strategic perspective, some of the other eSports games have large successful leagues established already and would make it difficult for an entrant like us to break into easily. We intend adding all major eSports games to our portfolio during 2023 once we have an established product and user base.

Planet League will only offer users games of skill to play in a competitive environment. That is not deemed as gambling. The application is available for download to users over the age of 18, and in most instances, users can play for free by earning PLS rewards based on their engagement with the app. Planet League advocates responsible gaming.

Platform tax is what is charged on every game played to sustain the Planet League ecoysystem. This tax will over time be run by a Treasury DAO; proceeds from this tax also go towards allocation of league and tournament rewards and others. Please review our
White Paperfor more details on this allocation.

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