How to
get ‘em?

01How to buy

Make PLS playing games. Each gamer earns up to 80 % return on every game won. You can also collect additional PLS based on your leaderboard position and the level of engagement with the platform.

02Where to buy

If you run out of PLS or transfer you balance into a realisable and profitable gain, you can top-up to stay in the league. All transactions are held on the open market, governed by smart contracts and written into the blockchain.

Details on where to buy will be announced soon!

How does
NFT & Tokens

All gamers need a certain amount of Planet League Stars for playing. By collecting PLS, gamers can utilise them for competing in the league, earning and buying NFTs, entering into lucrative tournaments and cups and using cryptocurrency to purchase digital or physical merchandise.

The website is coming soon!

Everything you need
to know about Harmony

Harmony is a fast and secure blockchain platform that helps us to build decentralized application. It solves issues with bottlenecks faced by Ethereum through the introduction of a new sharding-based blockchain that operates using a unique consensus algorithm. The system opens doors for ultra-fast transactions and interoperability.


The Planet League economy is driven by gamers and their sustained demand for PLS to play competitive games. The more active the gamer community is, the more interested the brands are to reach out this very attractive and clearly defined target market, which in return results in increased tax collections.



Planet League was founded in 2020 as an online crypto based competitive gaming platform. In the last few years, technology has evolved, excited and transformed the world around us, yet our mission remains as relevant as ever, to create an independent league that sits on top of all game environments.

  • Harmony launch
  • grant approved
  • Testnet Launch
  • Smart contract audit
  • Mainnet Launch
  • Scandinavian League Rollout
  • DAO Framework
  • Treasury DAO Formed
  • .one DeFi/GameFI site
  • NFT launch with integrated marketplace
  • All Europe
  • 3x new Games
  • Tournaments
  • Governance
  • .Live content
  • PC support & mbile
  • -30 games on platform
  • North America rollout
  • North America rollout
  • NFT ll launch
  • .world metaverse
  • Roll out of team play and clubs
  • Global rollout
  • 100,000 active users
  • -100 game on platform
  • Multi-chain support
  • The Planet League tier opens!
  • -250,000 active users
  • Subnet launch
  • dApp and open sourced
  • 1 Million active users the Planet Cup!

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