Code of Conduct

The Planet League® mobile service promotes and encourages fair play, respect for rules, as well as expects the highest standards of sporting behaviour and integrity from gamers on the platform. If any gamer violates the essence of good behaviour as applicable to esports (examples include time wasting, reporting incorrect scores frequently, repeated disconnections...), they will be penalised at the discretion of the referee.

Cheating, abuse, harassment or offensive behaviour of any kind is not tolerated on the platform. This will result in gamers being penalised, and in the event of repeated offences, banned. Anything illegal, immoral, racist or unethical will similarly result in a ban immediately.

The Planet League® 'Referee' is at the core of adjudicating game outcomes and decisions, and to determine that every game played on the platform is played as per the rules defined for each game. A few principles guide this function:

  • The referee’s decision is final.
  • The referee will always take a decision that is neutral.
  • The referee will never discriminate.
  • All referee evidence is based on screenshots that gamers share, or videos that are recorded, within the application workflow. No separate evidence is permitted.
  • The referee is mandated to respond to every situation within set time limits. If the referee cannot accurately adjudicate a game, for any reason within the timeline set, the game will be considered null and that game will not count.
  • The referee is also accountable; we will continuously strive to audit and improve this experience as well as minimise situations that have no outcome.

Game Responsibly. Play Fair.

Four fundamental values of good sporting behaviour


You value the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and opinions of others, even when different from your own. You appreciate that all viewpoints come from the life experiences of fellow human beings. You understand that online interactions impact real people in real ways, both offline and online.


You behave honourably and honestly. You take responsibility for your words and actions. While playing games, you honour the rules and spirit of honest competition.


You respect everyone regardless of their background, identity, physical appearance, or beliefs. Even in competitive gaming where “trash-talk” is common, you are a good sport and respect opponents as fellow human beings, keeping the banter to the game, not ever making it personal.


You have the courage to moderate your own behaviour, speak out against harassment, and report violations by others. You do not tolerate harassment or hate speech of any kind, even when you are not directly involved.

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